Saturday, October 6, 2007

Great summers

If you went to camp kahagon, let's hear from you


Patti Schoengold Steiner said...

Where does the time go? I was just found!! It's funny; we were always complaining: the food, the counselers, we wanted to go home. When we got home; we counted the days until the Reunion. After that, we counted for camp to start all over again.Camp Kahagon was the Best!! I smile when I think back! Let's keep this going!

Patti Schoengold Steiner

Marty Bachrach said...

We are currently looking for anyone that attended Camp Kahagon in Quakertown Pa. We are planning a reunion to be held in March of "09". Currently we have found 60 fellow campers from those great years. So when you read this contact Marty Bachrach at and then pass it on to anyone you still know from those great summers. To this day I am still friendly with several of my fellow bunk mates.
Come spend a night of sharing memories and renewing friendship. I look forward to hearing from many people.

Marty Bachrach (59-64)

Jeff Davis said...

Patti: Your brother was always "braking my chops." It was the best part of growing up and I certainly am looking forward to seeing my past. it is wonderful knowing that Izzy's baby sister has "grown all up."


Meryl said...

This is so exciting to finally reconnect with Kahagon alums. I went there for at least 6 years until it closed and have been trying so hard to reconnect. I have such fond memories of those wonderful, crazy summers.

Thanks for reaching out to me.

Meryl Lutwin Freedman

Gene said...

My sisters and I were big Camp Kahagon boosters. Loved our years there with Chief One Star Bill Krebs, Jack and Jean Tritel.
My name Ivan Shaner. My sisters...Chelley Shaner and Felice Shaner. Did the reunion take place?
How did we ever miss it.
During the years we were at Kahagon I was a camper waiter then the Entertainment Counselor. We put on shows like South Pacific, Oklahoma and a couple Gilbert & Sullivan productions. Still in Philly--pn the radio as Gene Shay.

Chelley Gutin said...

Hi, I'm Ivan and Felice's sister, Chelley Shaner. I went to Kahagon from about 1948 to 1956. I was a camper, then jr. counselor, and counselor.

I'd love to hear from Sylvia Kris, Paula Rothenberg, Nancy Rubin (from DC) and any of the kids who were in my bunk as campers or when I was a counselor.

Or even some of the boys.

Gene said...

Looking for these campers: Bob Tritel,Marty Lazinoff, Archie Pergolese, Phyllis London, Cissie Goldstein, Deena Kleiner, Bobbie Didio,Mossie Braverman, Judy Kleinbart, Batia Pious, Cookie Lerner, Jerry Jacobs.
Does Marty Bachrach really have 60 some former campers? Can we see a list?
Is this blog still active? looks a bit sleepy to me. Ivan Shaner
1948- mid 50s. BTW Camp Kahagon was in Wiesel, PA (That town no longer exists).

Barbara Walker aka Bobbie Didio said...

I spent many great summers from 1950 to 1956. I was a waitress C I T and counselor. I went with my brother as well. All of the Shaners were there with us Ivan Shelly et al. I Hope to hear from some of you.
Barbara Walker AKA Bobbie DiDio

Gene said...

OMG Suddenly Bobbie Didio re-surfaces in my life, Wow..the last time I saw her she was running a botique in Manhattan..just a few blocks from the train station--in her husband's clothing store.
So glad to hear you're alive and well (I hope so)
Hey, Bobbie, look me up: I'm Gene Shay on FaceBook a radio personality in Philly for ages. I'm even listed in Wikipedia

Chelley Gutin said...

Hi Bobbie,

I remember so many great things about you. I think of you often - you influenced me even tho' you most likely didn't realize it. I never became tall, statuesque, long-legged and tan, with a swinging ponytail and a super dynamic personality, BUT, I did OK anyway.

My family and I used to do tent camping in Millerton many years ago

Best regards to you and your brother, Robert.

Marty B.: Kahagon was located in Weisel PA, maybe it is in Quakertown today due to P.O. changes. Quakertown was where we used to eat at Trainers Restaurant.

Cheers, Chelley

Evan Savage said...

Hello -

I went to Camp Kahagon in 1957 with my brother, but parent decided I was too young.
Came back in 1966, as a CIT. Great memories, have pictures.
Anyone wants to catch up that I know
Marjorie Lehrer

Lou Broder said...

Anyone still look at this site? I was at Kahagon for a few years with my sister Joan and My brother Michael. I am Lou Broder my last year as a waiter in 54. Chelley, Trainers is no longer there. Many camps still in Penna, my children and grandchildren were campers at one time or another. Hope everyone healthy and happy, chow.